Win Caffeine Keys and Treasury Boxes on Crema Prelaunch Farming Event

Crema Finance has announced its upcoming Pre-Launch farming event with a peek at what is expected.

The Pre-Launch farming event is planned to reward Liquidity providers and also boost the Total Value Locked on Crema Finance ahead of the Crema IDO which will come up 60 days from commencement of the event. The rewards and incentives are packaged as a mixed concept of caffeine keys and treasury Boxes to be distributed in a blind farming process.

The blind boxes are categorized into five categories and as usual, the packages are mouthwatering.
I will do a breakdown of each below:

The bronze box winners will receive rewards up to 300 $CRM

Silver box winners will be rewarded with up to 700 $CRM

The golden box winners will receive up to 1,300 $CRM as incentives.

Platinum box winners will pocket up to 2,100 $CRM tokens.

The diamond box is the highest tier and winners will be rewarded with up to 3,100 $CRM tokens.

This is not an event to miss. The best way to benefit from the event is to add liquidity today on the Crema CLMM liquidity pools. Visit and you're on your way to receiving massive rewards.

To stay updated, join Crema Finance on all official platforms:





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Copywriter | Crypto Enthusiast | Content Creator

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