What are the advantages of minting the InvArch $VARCH TGE on statemint?

The InvArch team recently announced that its Token Generation Event will be minted on Statemint, the polkadot network’s first common good protocol.

It is common knowledge that InvArch will be deployed on the polkadot parachain because the features of the polkadot parachain align with the Invarch project’s vision. Because InvArch intends to become a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem, all clients will benefit from using Statemint over Ethereum or Statemine on Kusama.

Polkadot multichain model enables multiple independent blockchains with varying specialties to coexist under a secure and unified umbrella.

Many different types of blockchains will collaborate in the future of Web3. This is due to the fact that no single blockchain design is optimal for every use case.

The interoperability of the Polkadot multichain model is a major selling point, and more than 130 blockchain development teams from around the world are currently building and launching their own parachains in Polkadot's expanding ecosystem.

Statemint is a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem that offers lightning-fast exchanges, low costs, and the assurance that nothing is lost during parachain activities.

Statemint, as a "Common Good" parachain, allows the entire network to benefit from valuable parachains that would otherwise be underfunded.

Users who do not have DOT or KSM can use these assets with less friction and lower fees thanks to Statemint.

The primary goal of Statemint is to provide efficient functionality for deploying tokenized assets.

The Statemint parachain is adaptable and can handle a variety of transactions, ranging from artists issuing NFTs of their work to CBDTs (Central Bank Digital Tokens) deploying on the polkadot network.

InvArch is a user-friendly and cutting-edge blockchain protocol with a mission to connect a world of thinkers, creators, and finance under it's platform, to support nurture and allow innovative aolutions to flourish. This is accomplished by tokenizing ideas, fractionalizing their ownership, and providing a safe and transparent environment for users to connect, collaborate, and form partnerships.

With Invarch, creators can comfortably safegruard their ideas through tokenization and seek investors through fractionalizing the IP sets.

As invArch continues to make progress on it's roadmap/vision of protecting intellectual properties, the Polkadot protocol could proof to be the perfect fit for actualizing this goals.

Barring all delays, the Invarch token generation event would had kick-started this quarter. The unavoidable delay is due to a recent upgrade on the Statemint platform.

DOT stakeholders recently voted to redesign the Shell parachain to Statemint, implying that the upgrade will add many new and inventive features to the protocol.

During the InvArch Token Generation Event, $VARCH will be minted on statemint.
Statemint was clearly chosen because of a few advantages it has over other chains and networks.

The InvArch team and the entire community are extremely excited for the InvArch TGE event, which has been postponed due to the Statemint run up on the Polkadot Relay.

For more details:

Website https://invarch.io/
Discord https://discord.gg/VjtyvR32Br
Twitter https://twitter.com/InvArchNetwork



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