Update on Invarch Ambassadors' Renumeration

This quarter has been a record-breaker for InvArch as it has enlarged its social media handles, with over 10,000 new Discord members, more than 3,000 new Twitter followers, and more than 500 InvArch Ambassadors thanks to the passionate work of the InvArch team and Ambassadors.

InvArch has recently announced the first season’s final points. You can check your points in the following table:


The second round's results has been collated and recorded. They will be announced at the conclusion of the third round.

Consistently, the number of InvArch ambassadors has increased over a short period and if you haven’t yet completed an application to join the program, there is need to do so.
What are you waiting for? To join the program, Go to the InvArch website, complete the application form, and join now to avoid regretting missed opportunities to obtain VARCH tokens later on.

It was recently announced that the appropriation of tokens obtained through the Ambassador program will begin toward the end of the year during the TGE, but the InvArch team is currently unable to follow these programs. There is need to address the reasons for the postponement and it is as follows.
The VARCH token will be created on the Statemint chain, which the Parity group is working on. The problem is that Statemint isn’t yet available for public use, so InvArch is forced to take a break. When Statemint becomes a public chain in Polkadot, InvArch will begin its token generation event.
All rewards will be disseminated from that point forward through the vesting term as explained below. The $VARCH obtained through the InvArch Ambassador Program comes with a vesting term that involves periodic distribution of the token. $VARCH obtained through the Ambassadors program will be subject to the following vesting period: 20% of the acquired tokens will be distributed during the TGE, while the remaining 80% will be appropriated month to month within a year following a multi-month lockout. This means that 20% will be delivered on a monthly basis for the first two months, then 8% will be delivered on a monthly basis for the next ten months.
This is the standard method for token distribution. Currently, nearly all Projects use comparable vesting models.

New Ambassadors and Old Ambassadors, as you are probably aware, serve the global InvArch community. These are the most active members who assist newcomers, make interpretations into preparing recordings, compose articles, and attempt to keep a pleasant and lovely climate in correspondence on the Discord server.
As a result, the InvArch team will reward each of its ambassadors with a dedicated NFT as a token of its gratitude. Almost certainly, NFT information will provide additional benefits in the InvArch ecosystem in the future. To obtain them, you must have a wallet in Kusama as well as a registee at singular.rmrk.app. This wallet must be completed by all Ambassadors by January 1st. More information on the most effective way to manage NFT data should be available soon.
Follow all announcements to stay up to date on all developments.
Finally, the InvArch group will set aside time between December 24th and January 1st to re-energize and power up for the upcoming new year. There will undoubtedly be some activities on our social media accounts, but things should be somewhat calmer as the majority of our colleagues spend time with their loved ones over the next few days.

Website https://invarch.io/
Discord https://discord.gg/VjtyvR32Br
Twitter https://twitter.com/InvArchNetwork




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Copywriter | Crypto Enthusiast | Content Creator

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