The top money-making opportunities on ATTA Metaverse

DreamMaker is an entertainment metaverse in which anyone can reach their full potential and have a Fresh Start. It is the first entertainment Metaverse, and it offers numerous opportunities for content creators and Metaverse enthusiasts.

ATTA Metaverse offers opportunities for:

Creators of content/filmmakers:
The DreamMaker Metaverse is a world of entertainment that includes a cinema, actor training facilities, a TV station, a marketplace, and personal film studios. Furthermore, the highly specialised resources available in the DreamMaker world can help users unlock their creative thinking and use the existing tools to plan, interact, and shoot their short films.

Everyone will have the opportunity to benefit on ATTA Metaverse, from directors to editors, scriptwriters to actors.

NFT holders:
ATTA NFT holders will have special privileges to earn on the Metaverse and this could include whitelisting for a piece of Dream Land or other special opportunities that could enhance their financial prospects.

Fashion designers:
Fashion designer can equally bring their skills to bear in creating interesting costumes for avatars on the Metaverse. Such costumes will be listed on the marketplace and purchased by users.

Hosting Musical concerts will be possible on the Metaverse. Singers and Composers can plan concerts, sell tickets and invite their audience.

Early adopters:
Early adopters will be exposed to a plethora of juicy investment opportunities and will benefit from the various financial opportunities on the Dream Maker. They will be able to buy and develop

Token holders:
ATTA IDO is currently on the works and token holders will benefit from the Metaverse as the token will become the intra-metaverse currency and increase the usecases of the token.

There are several other opportunities for everyone to earn on ATTA Metaverse.

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