Is cryptocurrency the next dotcom bubble?

We are in a period of transition between web2 and web3. Many commentators have compared Web2 to the dotcom bubble.

The dotcom bubble was a rapid rise in US technology stock equity valuations in the late 1990s, fueled by investments in Internet-based companies. Between 1995 and 2000, the value of equity markets increased at an exponential rate.

The dotcom bubble, also known as the Internet bubble, arose as a result of speculative or fad-based investing, an abundance of venture capital funding for startups, and the failure of dotcoms to turn a profit. During the 1990s, investors poured money into Internet startups in the hopes that they would one day become profitable.

Many investors and venture capitalists abandoned a conservative approach for fear of missing out on the growing use of the Internet.

With capital markets pouring money into the sector, start-ups were racing to become large as quickly as possible. Companies that do not have proprietary technology have given up on fiscal responsibility. They spent a lot of money on marketing to create brands that would set them apart from the competition. Some start-ups spent up to 90% of their budget on advertising.

While dot-coms struggled to disrupt the retail industry before going bankrupt, many cryptocurrencies will cease trading and lose most or all of their value when the community realizes that they lack a business model, a developer community, and little to no use case to disrupt a traditional industry.

Investors may be able to predict the top one to five companies in each industry by analyzing white papers, developer communities, the number of active addresses, and partnerships with real-world companies.

For example, while many companies claim to be involved in blockchain hosting, very few actually have an easy to use and seamlessly working protocol to implement.

Spheron is a one-of-a-kind product in the blockchain hosting market. It has a viable product and blockchain website and dApp developers have made a record 12000 deployments on their site. With a constantly growing user base of 2500 users in the short period from its launch, it's easy to know that it is backed by a viable and problem solving innovative solution to blockchain app.

Spheron is determined to make blockchain hosting a three-step process. Using the Spheron protocol, both new and experienced web3 developers can easily deploy their websites and dApps in three steps. This is in contrast to previous options, which required developers to painstakingly upload each hash and incur gas fees with each upload.

Investors in the soon-to-be-launched token $SPHN can be confident that they are investing in a viable and constantly growing Ecosystem.

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