How to join CryptoArtAi gleam contest to celebrate the launch of is a DeFi ecosystem composed of CART Tokens and NFT many farming contracts, hosted on the ETH Blockchain, and transparent .It is the a Defi Dapp that is easy to use. is a passionate community experimenting at the intersection of DeFi and NFTs. Users can stake (temporarily deposit) tokens to earn limited edition NFT art and collectibles.

The V2 version of promises to be a game changer with huge rewards from farms and pools on the platform.

In celebration of the launch of V2, CryptoArtAi has commenced a gleam contest to rewards it's Community with $1000 CART.

The event will have 20 winnes and the deadline is :2022/05/09 12:00 (UTC).

To participate, visit:

Complete all the tasks and share among friends collect as many tickets as you can so you win big.

For more information:


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