How CreDA can help you get more value when transacting in the Metaverse

As more people spend more time in the Metaverse, CreDA finance assists them in obtaining credit by updating their credit scores.

CreDA Finance is an AI-powered protocol built on Ethereum layer 2 that aims to help the unbanked and remove entry barriers to crypto loans.

Everyone is now exploring the opportunities within the Metaverse, from play-to-earn gamers to speculators and investors, from developers to NFT artists and collectors.

The following are some of the ways people transact in the Metaverse.

Play to Earn Games: Play to Earn gamers and streaming platforms are thriving. P2E games allow players to earn money by winning games on the Metaverse. Some play to earn guild support for good players with scholarships to equip them to be better fighters.

Online Shopping or Virtual Clothing: Avatars are required for users to join the Metaverse. These Avatars can be upgraded with beautiful and expensive costumes based on the fashion preferences of the users, who can usually find these garments in the marketplace.

Online Partying and Concert Attendance: Many musicians, comedians, and others are experimenting with event hosting in the Metaverse. Participants purchase tickets.

Become a Prime Property Real Estate Dealer: As more users join the Metaverse, the value of Metaverse real estate rises, and prospectors can buy or sell for a profit. Businesses and service providers looking to establish a presence on the Metaverse can also purchase Metaverse properties.

Land Renting on Metaverse: Landholders also rent their land for use by others within the Metaverse for a given duration.

Run eCommerce Businesses: Businesses are now opening shops at the Metaverse where customers purchase goods and it gets delivered in real time on the Metaverse.

Metaverse Architecture and Designers: As people seek to increase the face value of their real estate, architects and designers are hired in the Metaverse to help them beautify their properties.

As we continue to transact in the Metaverse, CreDA Finance is right there to help every Metaverse user by providing favorable Credit Scores based on their Metaverse activities.

CreDA finance takes advantage of blockchain's traceability and data integrity to analyze user information across multiple blockchains and create a specific credit score, which is minted as an NFT and serves as the user's passport to Web 3.0.

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