Advantages of MatrixETF Liquidity Mining

Liquidity pools are digital assets provided as smart contracts to easily allow traders buy or sell tokens without waiting for counterparties who need the opposite currency.
To explain better, how would you feel if you needed to go find a buyer for your ETH each time you need $MDF?
The liquidity Pool ensures there is enough $MDF to pay for your ETH thereby speeding up the transaction and eliminating the bureaucratic processes involved in trading tokens.

The AMMs use preset mathematical equations to determine the prices of tokens in a pool. Once a token provider adds liquidity, a unique token is minted and sent to providers address.

Gains for MatrixETF Liquidity Miners:
Liquidity providers on MatrixETF gain the following:

1. Governance privileges
2. Gain daily from the $MDF set aside by MatrixETF for liquidity providers.
3. Receive a percentage of gas fees as profit.

MatrixETF launched two index ETF products in 2021: the Matrix DeFi Index (MDI), which is based on Ethereum, and the Matrix Solana Index (MSI), which is based on Solana.

You can now invest in a high yielding of Crypto basket of assets.

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